Find products with highest potential

Products of your suppliers that have matching marketplace listing will automatically appear in the Product Research page. Using enhanced data processing and analysis we display all the important data you need such as:

  • Competitive data
  • Estimated daily sales
  • Margin
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Estimated sell price
  • Amazon marketplace fees
  • And additional costs such as prep fees

Find out the sell price for each product

A sophisticated, yet simple fully customizable target price estimator enables each product to be assigned an accurate sell price. This can be customized based on many factors such as

  • Fulfillment type (FBA/FBM)
  • Current competitive landscape for the item listing
  • Number of competitors and offerings

Valuable insights and metrics

Product research will give you the insights and metrics that you can not possibly extract manually for each of your supplier products, saving you countless hours and enable you to add more products from many more suppliers to your inventory and increase your profits.